Make your CEO sound good in English – use an audio guidance track

Make your CEO look good

Your CEO is happier when he looks his best

CEOs usually get to the top of their companies due to a combination of drive, industry knowledge, and people skills. While most Danish CEOs speak workable English that’s fine for everyday meetings, those small pronunciation mistakes common to a non-native speaker are a lot more problematic when they’re committed to video, or when they take place in a speech in front of hundreds of people.

That’s why I suggest making an audio guidance MP3 for CEOs and other executives in advance of a big presentation in English. Any qualified ‘engelsk stemme‘ can make them – including me. The English voiceover simply records your CEO’s text as an MP3, which she or he can then listen to while jogging or at the gym. Having heard the text properly pronounced allows your CEO to tackle her speech or his video appearance with full confidence about sounding good.

An audio guidance MP3 can usually be produced within 24 hours, probably less, and can cost as little as DK750 plus MOMS, depending on the length of your text. Considering all the other money you spend to make your CEO look good, isn’t that investment worthwhile?


One thought on “Make your CEO sound good in English – use an audio guidance track

  1. I currently work for a large company in the UK and our vice-president uses pre-compiled MP3’s to aid him with his speeches ahead of time. He has a tendency to forget what he wants to say, and it’s completely unprofessional to stand there with a piece of paper. I couldn’t agree with you more Kay. Memorizing your speech ahead of time with an audio guidance MP3 should be the main priority for anybody who struggles to remember their speeches or has difficulty talking on the spot.

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